Where to compete,

How to win

Where to compete, How to win

eos is an acronym: enterprise → opportunity → strategy.  We illuminate opportunities and enable productive transformation for our clients.  It is inspired by Greek mythology:  εos is the herald of the dawn, accompanying the sun (Helios) as he transits the sky. Similarly, we help our clients realize the potential that a new approach brings.

Eos consulting focuses on strategy, innovative business models, operating governance, and organizational architectures.  We help you uncover and make the most of competitive advantages, restore organizational vitality, and catalyze performance. Our approach is intensely collaborative and energetic; we extend your team’s capabilities and build commitment to action.  We work closely with your team not simply to gather data, but to develop and test the analyses.  Our collaborative approach enables clients to continuously improve and to update the work products over time, re-using methodologies customized to their needs.  And because your team was deeply involved in the work, they are more committed to the choices that result from it. All of our practitioners are broadly skilled and deeply experienced (we don’t employ junior consultants).  We roll up our sleeves and do the work beside you, and we love what we do.

“It has been a real pleasure working with eos consulting. We all really enjoy your collaborative style, the way you engage and interact with the team – essentially becoming one of us. In my view, you are really the embodiment of what everyone would like to see in a consulting firm. I can’t overstate the benefit to our business of the strategy you developed with us. Alignment, clarity and speed – what more could we ask for.”

- GM of a $5b division of a Fortune 100 equipment manufacturer