“Deep Dives”

Deep dives focus on a single issue, performing targeted analysis to help you make a good decision.  This might be a business strategy choice, an organizational issue, or a management process (such as how to prioritize R&D projects) gone awry.  Sometimes it’s an issue that the organization has been grappling with for some time, but failed to resolve.  We bring not just analytic tools and a fresh, unbiased perspective — we also facilitate resolution and catalyze action.  

What is a Deep Dive?

It’s an intense, concentrated probe into a concern, question, or choice you need to make  about some aspect of your business strategy, organization, or decision-making processes in which we:

  • clarify the issue and articulate the context;
  • craft the options for evaluation;
  • gather data internally & externally (including interviews with key leaders, and surveying a broader set of managers if useful);
  • deploy appropriate analytics (using our proprietary models and frameworks, and developing new ones as needed);
  • facilitate working sessions to score the options and choose among them;
  • and deliver our findings, including actionable recommendations — typically in four to twelve weeks.

Past Deep Dives we’ve helped clients with include:

  • deciding which product variants to offer in a particular overseas market
  • working out how two companies can collaborate to jointly engineer products that one of the partners will manufacture on behalf of the other
  • defining an engine emissions strategy for the off-highway market
  • deciding where to locate a new manufacturing plant for a growing market
  • choosing which hybrid powertrain architectures to invest in developing
  • determining how to transform and revitalize an underperforming innovation organization
  • choosing how to spec a new product for maximum market leverage
  • deciding which applications and architectures to prioritize in a market for very large, often customized products


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