Workshop & Business Strategy Wargame:
International Trade Disruptions

What:    Workshop & Business Strategy Wargame Focusing on International Trade Disruptions
When:   March 8 – 10, 2017
Where:  Colorado Springs, CO
Cost:     $4,995 per person*

Topics Include:

  • International trade regime change
  • Natural or bioengineered viral pandemic (see here)
  • Coordinated disruptions of international shipping

Wargaming has been used in the military and leading corporations for decades and is a proven technique for considering responses to external/market events — it’s an essential tool for effective  strategic planning and risk management.

* Discounts available for 5 or more from a company

Why attend a Wargame on International Trade Risks? 

Not If, But When

Simulate real-world responses to coming global supply chain disruptions


Proven Effectiveness

On the battlefield and in the boardroom, wargaming delivers proven results

Immediate and Future Benefits

Strategic ideas and “future experience” that you can apply to more quickly recognize threats and mitigate risks

Unexpected Outcomes

Often, the results you expected in the wargame are not those that materialize (or don’t turn out to be the most valuable)

Tightening of the international trade regime will impact not just international sales, but also your customers, suppliers, and their suppliers. Brexit-inspired trade friction, growing protectionism, and changes in U.S. trade policy with a new presidential administration (e.g., tariffs, quotas, embargoes, product standards, licensing requirements, subsidies) will force reshaping of supply chains, manufacturing strategy and order fulfillment.  Risks are extensive.

In addition, experts agree that a natural or bioengineered viral pandemic is “inevitable,” (see here) as are coordinated disruptions (attacks, hacks, labor strikes) of international shipping.  Subject matter experts in these pending “Black Swan” threats will discuss them and then simulate their occurrence through a wargame — so that you can experience these future shocks and test different ways to deal with them.

Wargame Faculty

Dr. Drew Miller

Full Bio

Drew Miller has 25 years of business management consulting experience in the areas of operating plans and strategy; business development; mergers and acquisitions; and financial analysis.

His experience includes:

  • Corporate Planning and Development Manager, ConAgra Inc, administering the strategic planning process, acquisition projects, and conducting modeling, operations research, and financial analysis work
  • President of Financial Continuum, a financial services company supporting estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and other professional advisors
  • VP Planning and Development, Securities America, responsible for strategic planning, acquisitions, and business development for the sixth largest independent broker-dealer in the US
  • Program Manager, Dept of Defense Business Management Modernization Program (a Senior Executive Service position in OSD Comptroller’s Office), working to integrate DoD business systems, reduce IT systems and administrative costs, adopt new Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and reform the DoD Planning, Programming, and Budgeting system
  • President, Heartland Management Consulting Group, advising companies on business development, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions

Drew is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor. He received his BS from the US Air Force Academy, and a Masters Degree and PhD from Harvard University.

Dr. Byron Winn

Full Bio

Dr. Byron Winn has been a practitioner and researcher of governance and strategy for 25 years. In addition to personally conducting the eos consulting engagements in conjunction with John Murphy as outlined in Client Examples, his leadership positions have included:

  • Principal, Activities Processes & Systemsand Senior Project Leader at Monitor Group (Cambridge, MA)
  • Vice President, Enamics (governance software firm)
  • F-4E Phantom II flight lead, war plans officer, and operations scheduler, US Air Force
  • Faculty, USAF Academy and Head Teaching Fellow, Harvard University

Byron holds a BS from the US Air Force Academy, and an MA and Ph.D from Harvard University.

John Murphy

Full Bio

John Murphy has over 25 years of business strategy and executive management experience. In addition to personally conducting the eos consulting engagements in conjunction with Dr. Byron Winn as outlined in Client Examples, his leadership positions have included:

  • Senior executive positions with companies in interactive marketing, innovative software, and governance markets
  • COO (with full P/L and strategy responsibility) of TIS Worldwide, a resourcing and custom software development firm
  • Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Operations and Consulting at Lotus Development Corporation
  • Director, Business Planning at The Travelers Corporation

John has a BA in Mathematics from Holy Cross College and two Master’s degrees — Computer Science and Management/Finance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Kim Patrick Gerra

Full Bio

Kim Patrick Gerra has 20+ years of experience of product development and executive management. She has worked in many industries, including defense, travel, and healthcare.

Her leadership positions have included:

  • Senior Vice President, Strategy, responsible for corporate strategy development and strategic partnerships, for PCCI, a predictive analytics healthcare organization
  • Chief Technology Officer, for PCCI, with executive leadership of product and software development, including Information Exchange Portal (IEP), a platform for connecting social service organizations to local hospitals; and Pieces™, one of the first clinical prediction and surveillance platforms in healthcare that interprets EMR data in real-time and influences clinical decisions at the point of care
  • Vice President, Sabre Labs, for Sabre, Inc., with chief leadership and accountability for global innovation, concept experimentation and product incubation across all business lines
  • Manager, Information Resource Management, American Heart Association, National Center

Kim earned her BA in Computer Science from Mississippi State University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should attend?

Mid-level to senior-level executives whose organizations would be impacted by disruptions to international trade, supply chains, customer demand and workforce stability, including:

  • General management
  • Marketing/Business Development
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Company teams of Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, HR, who will work together on developing plans for a line of business
How many people should a company send?
Companies typically send between 1 and 10 people and the session is capped at 50 (although we typically have 25 – 30 per wargame.  For more than 10 people per company, we recommend an on-site custom business wargame.  Since this is a topical wargame focused on the issues outlined, a single person can absolutely benefit, but a team from the same company can derive even more value.  If you send a six people or more, we will include a simulated competitor(s) in the game.  If not, the market and control team will simulate reactions and counter-measures of your direct competitors.  If any of your suppliers and/or customers participate, then you can experience their reactions to market events (instead of having them be simulated by wargame staff).
What do participants cite most often as benefits of a business wargame?

Uncovered strategic insights, new ideas for opportunities to pursue, mistakes to avoid, and unexpected results — that were not considered prior to the wargame

Honed skills at anticipating potential events, competitors responses, and a new mindset of always thinking strategically, weighing likely competitive responses

Altered worldview – awareness of unrealistic prior assumptions and better attunement to market conditions

Time efficiency – ability to test in a matter of days strategic initiatives and hypotheses that will play-out over many years

Avoidance of strategic mistakes and tactical responses to market conditions or the competition

What is the deadline to sign up? Will my competitors be present?
Since we only allow one company per industry segment (so your direct competitors will not be there), the sooner you sign-up the better.  If one of your competitors signs-up for a session before you, we won’t be able to accommodate you in this wargame.  If you sign-up and later can’t attend, you are welcome to substitute another person from your company.
Why is business wargaming so much better than a normal business planning session?

Business wargames were developed as a solution to the shortcomings of strategic planning and brainstorming to get much more in-depth, realistic, challenging learning and development conditions that produce much deeper analysis and insights. 

The “future environment” created in a wargame is difficult to explain, but a key part of the process and a key reason why people get so engaged and out of normal day to day views and habits of thinking.  A business wargame simulation lets management and key personnel experience possible futures for your company and industry and test assumptions and ideas under strategic conditions with competitors and the market reacting to (and trying to defeat) the initiatives.  Promising, new, unexpected strategic ideas can be found in these wargames along with insights that none of the participants had previously.  Companies that have gone through wargames report that they gain both immediate ideas for strategic initiatives the company needs to undertake now, and “future experience” that they use later to more quickly recognize threats and opportunities as they arise.

What do I need to do or bring to prepare?
We will send you background information in preparation for the wargame two weeks prior, and will request some information from you regarding your manufacturing/supply network, supply chains and competitors and their capabilities.
Are the findings of the wargame written up for participants?
Yes.  Our staff will capture and summarize all ideas, lessons learned and findings from the wargame.  You will receive a confidential report, within 3 weeks of the wargame.  Many participants find that reviewing these reports later provides valuable data and intelligence for shaping subsequent follow-up when actual or related events played in the wargame manifest themselves.

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